Specific Software Development  
Our experience of work with our customers of different areas and dimensions shows that each case it is a different case. Only the specific development, having as starting point, analysis of the functioning of the company, its knowledge, its necessity and its objectives, allows us to lead the company for the satisfaction and a more prosperous future. Having this at a short or long stated period the return of its investment, quality of information and feeling in the practical o benefit to have a partner for its business. The RuiiuR is always available to follow the evolution of its business since the most simple information for the taking of decisions, until the more sophisticated automatized system.
Only this way synergy between companies is optimized.

OLAP and Data Mining
Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) is a technology that uses the representation of multidimensional data, called hubs, allowing rapid access to information. Data mining algorithms validates pre-set to analyze data and create models that represent the relevant information they want to achieve from our database. The Data Mining models are designed, configured, and processed and will be updated when the data warehouse is updated with the data. The entire analysis system is updated automatically.

Business Integrated no Stop (BINS)

Integrated in Business Stop is an innovative concept and implementation of software development. Compared with other systems BINS, distinguishes itself by being a business-oriented approach and driven by business concepts rather than technological criteria. The system BINS is a new way to configure and add software, which may include third-party products to complement and enhance the information system. In short these are items that will identify the future architecture of information systems: 1) Fast implementation of new functionality while maintaining the daily life of your business 2) dynamic reconfiguration and temporal systems already implemented 3) hybrid architecture: centralized and decentralized 4) Communication between systems from different manufacturers 5) business processes resized beyond the boundaries of their own physical and technological enterprise.

Internet Business

Let us tell you about WebMarketing. You know what it is? It´s not only having a website for your business and advertise it. For your site to become known, so people visit it, to take advantage of e-commerce, justto pass it on is not enough. But mainly researching, analyzing results, what are your goals, give accurate information to plan properly for the website, develop an effective project, its implementation is supervised and evaluated the results. This work should be done when creating the site itself according to the characteristics of your business. The web marketing allows you to make sure the right thing, be effective and efficient. Our web design team is aware and dedicated to the effectiveness of your website. Ensuring the concrete analysis of the objectives, the business and competition, through the most appropriate study design, programming, for easy communication and especially the web marketing.
The internet can accelerate the speed and precision of communications in business.



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Updated in November 2020